The 5 most classical movies of the legendary Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee was a very outstanding Hong Kong American martial artist, film actor, martial arts instructor, filmmaker. He was also the founder of Jeet Kune Do and was widely considered as one of the most influential martial artists of all time.


The affection of Bruce Lee to American martial arts is permanent, as the first Chinese actor in Hollywood, Lee was also the first global promoter of Chinese Kung Fu.


As we know, Bruce Lee was a well-known movie star, he had played lots of splendid films which have been highly praised and loved by the general movie lovers, among these movies, there were 5 movies had become his classic works in his career, below you can find everything about those movies.


The Big-Boss (1971)

It was a 1971 Hong Kong martial arts action film and in this movie, the legendary Bruce Lee showed in this classical Kung-Fu movie his unique fighting talent.

Bruce Lee played a young man who went to Bangkok to work in an ice-factory. He soon discovered there were happening some strange things between the walls of the factory. With everything he did he came more involved by the evil things happening inside the factory. He took the decision to fight for his rights but most importantly for his life.

Bruce Lee used his real Kung Fu to continuously kick out his foot three times with a volley on the screen which made the audience deeply shocked.

The Way of the Dragon (1972)

In this movie, Bruce Lee was not only the main character but also the director of this Kung Fu movie.

Lee played a youngster in the movie who made a switch from simple country life to the dangerous life in Rome. He helped some Roman friends because their restaurant was being threatened by the local Maffia.


The film grossed HK$5,307,350.50 at the Hong Kong box office, beating previous records set by Lee's own films, The Big Boss and Fist of Fury, making it the highest-grossing film of 1972 in Hong Kong.


First of Fury (1972)

Fist of Fury, also known as The Chinese Connection in the US, was a 1972 Hong Kong martial arts film directed by Lo Wei, the non-stop action and breathtaking fight scenes were one of the main characteristics of Bruce Lee movies. Most people thought this Kung Fu movie was the best of all Bruce Lee’s films.


The story played in Shanghai in 1908. Bruce Lee is a martial arts specialist who let his raging fists speak against a gang which murdered his old Kung Fu teacher, this movie told about the classical theme of a man who helped his friends endangering his own life.

Enter the Dragon(1973)

This movie was considered as one of the greatest martial arts films of all time, the story told an island ruled by a drugs dealer and Bruce Lee had to participate in a tournament. He had to kill the drugs dealer. There have to be no weapons on the island. The last part of the movie how some spectacular fighting-scenes.

The working photo of “Enter the Dragon”


Game of Death (1978)

This was Bruce Lee's unfinished Posthumous, he had only completed the part of the classic tower battle, before finishing other shooting, Bruce Lee passed away. Then the American director Robert Clouse and Sammo Hung were ordered to reshoot the remainder, five years after Lee’s death, the film was finished and released in 1978.


This is the last movie Bruce Lee has made before his tragical death. Ironically the story is about a talented actor who simulates his own dead because he refuses to join a gang.



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