The 9 World Records created by Bruce Lee, No one can beyond on him yet

Bruce Lee, formerly known as Lee June Fan, born in 1940 in San Francisco, California, He was a martial arts pioneer and philosopher, UFC Pioneer, the founder of Jeet Kune Do and the super kung fu movie star, he was also the first global promoter of Chinese Kung Fu and the first Chinese actor in Hollywood.


Bruce Lee’s 5 movie in Hong Kong had broken multiple records, in these films, ‘The Way of the Dragon’ breaking the box-office records in Asia, and the world's total box office of the film ‘Enter the Dragon’ which cooperating with Hollywood had achieved 230 million dollars.


Furthermore, so far, as an outstanding Martial Artist, Bruce Lee’s 9 World Records still no one can beyond.


1. He could kick 45KG a sandbag by a side kicking.


2. Using the nunchaku knocking out 1600 pounds’ force.


3. Bruce Lee could hit a 9-punch in only 1 second and a 150-pound man could be fallen back 5-6 meters to the ground by his One-inch Punch.


4. He could easily insert the fingers into an unopened can of Coca - Cola.


5. Punching a power of 350 pounds, Muhammad Ali was achieved such records, but the weight of Bruce Lee is only 130 pounds and Ali’s weight is 260 pounds, not the same heavyweight.


6. Bruce Lee could kick 6 legs in one second and use his signature move "Step side kick ", kicking away a 200 pounds man about 20 meters, falling into the pool.


7. Bruce Lee could do about 1500 push-ups in a row by two hands and can do 400 push-ups in a row by one hand; he could also do about 200 push-ups by two-finger of one hand and can do up to 100 by the thumb of one hand.


8. He could kick a 135 kg- gunny-bag to the height of one - story house, about 5 meters.


9. He could hold the 34-kilogram barbell straight arm out in front, hold for 20 seconds after stretching out his arm, then take back; He can hold 56 kg barbell flat and stop for a minute.   


If Bruce Lee was still alive, he should have played the roles such as the mister, decadent man, the middle age uncle and so on, look at the following pictures, he indeed had this potential.


DJ enthusiast Bruce Lee.


Some people may not know that Bruce Lee was 1958 Hong Kong cha - cha champion.


Bruce Lee was training at home


Bruce Lee’s strong muscles, austere lines and incredible power all represented a unique power and momentum, his muscle mass is unparalleled which was due to his insistent endeavor.



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