Disclosure Donnie Yen’s 35 years’ advanced road: how to be a "Kung Fu master"

Donnie Yen is a famed Hong Kong movie hero, martial artist, director, fight choreographer and he is no stranger to on-screen fighting. As counted, Donnie Yen has been in the film industry for 35 years since he entered this field at the age of 18, now, Donnie Yen is widely known as “international Donnie”, his kung fu superstar status has remained unchallenged.


Take the recent hot film IP MAN 3, the film has released in more than 150 countries and regions since the end of last year, but the footsteps of broken box office records around the world could not completely stop, it had created the best box office of Chinese-language film in 11 years in Hong Kong. In the world's most authoritative Website IMDB, the rating of IP MAN 3 is up to 8 points, there are 84% of North American audience like IP MAN 3, the word of mouth from the the audience are full of praise.

In Hong Kong, the birthplace of the Kung Fu films, the box office of Donnie Yen’s IP Man 3 has surpassed the highest box-office records of Jackie Chan, Chow Yun Fat, Andy Lau, Jet Li’s film, refreshing the Hong Kong box office records and also setting up a “Monument” for the Hong Kong kung fu movies, more than that, Donnie Yen has made a contribution of 1.3 billion at the box office since 2014, his new movie ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2’ has also achieved $250 million box office.


Donnie Yen, having both the box office and word of mouth, has truly become the “Grandmaster " in the heart of public and also become the flag bearer of today’s kung fu movie field. Actually, the hardships and sharpen that Donnie had experienced were really not less than IP man in the movie.


The perfect figure of Donnie Yen is from his Persistence and the WILL.


Hong Kong media said Donnie Yen was the “ancestor of Muscle Man”, actually, Donnie Yen kept his shape not only demanded from the diet control, but also keep exercising, Donnie shared that he always did abdominal exercises which was a very boring exercise, but in order to reduce the fat and well developed muscles, sometimes he had to keep doing hundreds of crunches and hanging leg raises, he said that only the truly strong-willed people could have beautiful muscles.


In fact, many action stars could not guarantee to maintain peak state when the years pass quietly, but Donnie Yen never decadent or depressed, for Donnie Yen, keeping the perfect state is the responsibility to the fans and also the occupational quality to himself.


Most important are the people around you.

In addition to filming, Donnie Yen was a real “indoorsman”. Actually, “The most important thing is the people around you” is the words in the film IP MAN 3, but also Donnie Yen’s own understanding and rules for living. Donnie Yen said, he must go home at 7:30pm, he could get up at 5 o'clock in the morning and could shoot a dozen hours a day, but he must be home for dinner at 7:30pm because he did not want to miss the opportunity to stay with his family.


Donnie Yen very loves his wife, but "fearing" his wife is also a major topic of the Hong Kong entertainment industry. In Donnie Yen's mind, because he is always filming outside, so he deeply feels guilty to his wife. The married Donnie Yen never had the gossip, he cherish the marriage and family very much, he often travels with his wife, attends the activities together. In addition to keep his wife happy, Donnie Yen also likes to buy food for his family cooks, plays with the children, he is not only a good husband, but also a very nice Daddy.



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