Exploring Kung Fu star Jackie Chan’s cultural antique collection

Talking about the most famous kung fu superstar in the present, most people may think that it is no other than Jackie Chan. When Jackie was 17, he began to do dangerous stunts for films and Chan stands alone among action heroes also thanks to his death-defying stunts, unparalleled fight scenes and his signature sense of humor. As an international superstar, Jackie Chan has thrilled fans around the globe for decades.


But, many people may not know, Jackie Chan is also a wealthy collector of the cultural antique, many of his collections really make people much envied.

In 2015, the media broke the news that the yearly income of Jackie Chan was $50 million and he became the second richest person in Actor Forbes rich list, According to statistics, Chan had 20 sport cars that worth tens of millions, more than 10 house property around the world, a private aircraft that worth 200 million dollars, 7 ancient houses, tens of thousands Rosewood and so on, well, Chan is exactly a real rich person!


The variety of Jackie Chan’s collections is very wide, he like collecting everything that he is interested in such as Cricket tank, the bracelet in the Qing Dynasty and various ancient woods. The following is just a part of Jackie Chan’s collections, let’s subtly savor the profundity of unique value of Jackie Chan’s cultural antique collection.

Jackie Chan donated ‘12 animal heads’ to the Beijing Museum.

The rosewood house that Jackie Chan donated is worthy of 3.88 million.

Jackie Chan sold one of his collections "Lobular red sandalwood dragon throne Chair" on his 60th birthday,

The Rosewood cabinet that is worth of 1.15 million.

Jackie Chan liked to collect various ancient houses.


Chan had started his collection (of older Chinese houses and wood structures) some 20 years ago. And actually, Jackie Chan’s “collecting passion” was also influenced by his late father, who loved old Chinese wooden houses.

In order to protect the ancient architecture, Jackie Chan has donated a Hui-style historic building to Changting county in Fujian province, he also said he would donated the renovated ancient house to Beijing, Jackie Chan’s actions are really worth us admiring.



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