Jackie Chan: I Really Wanted to Do All Dangerous Stunts by Myself? Is This Why?

After the death of Kung Fu star Bruce Lee, once upon a time, there was no any actors seem to be the King of kung fu on the screen until Jackie Chan appeared, Jackie Chan grew up in a Peking Opera school, so he used to be a stuntman of Bruce Lee and also fight with Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan had enough experience and ability, at that time, he won the audience's praise of lightness by his professional martial arts skills.


But Jackie Chan was not content to become one of the greatest Kung Fu actors of his generation, so, in addition to put his incredible humor into all kinds of actions, Jackie Chan also added a lot of stunts into his films, and all stunts was done just by himself. Actually, in the movie history, few actors were willing to take the risk of death or disability to meet the expectations of his fans, but Jackie Chan did.


Selecting the greatest stunts from Jackie Chan's filmography was really not very easy, but we have selected the best of his work, the most dangerous, crazy and otherwise awesome stunts from Jackie Chan.

1. ‘Police Story 2’: Jump straight into the window from the top of the bus

The stunt was happened in the movie Police Story picks up where the first one left off and follows the exploits of policeman Kevin as he tracks down an elusive criminal organization. A demotion to highway patrol duties isn't enough to stop him from becoming embroiled in a bombing plot.

Jackie Chan, as always, fantastic, jumping among the top of the bus and be careful to avoid several large signboards, but when he across the road, he found himself confronted with a huge pane of glass, just directly hit the window.


2. ‘Drunken Master II’: Walk on the Hot Coal

The epic steel factory fight in the film 'Drunken Master II’ is filled with deadly stunts. Jackie Chan is attacked by glowing red-hot steel poles. Giant metal barrels are dropped centimeters from his dong, and then Jackie Chan gets kicked onto a holy-shit-real pit of hot coals. He tries to scurry across it before his extremely flammable pants figure out that they're sitting on molten steel and he doesn't make it. By the time he gets to the other side of the 9-foot fire pit, he's more steam bun than man and can barely roll free.


3. ‘Project A’: Fall from Clock Tower

Project A is undoubtedly the most popular and enduring Jackie Chan movies of all time, One of the most memorable scene was Jackie Chan fall from Bell Tower, This was undoubtedly one of the craziest stunt of Jackie Chan, he vertical drop from a few stories tall, In addition to the two fragile canopies seems, there was no anything else to buffer his fall, Jackie was not satisfied after his first attempt, so he tried again and again, Not surprisingly, once He almost broke his neck.


4. ‘Who Am I’: Slide from Story Skyscraper

By the late 90s, it looks like that Jackie Chan was too old to be impossible to handle the Dangerous Scene, After all, his stunt sport required the kind of flexibility that only young people could have, but through his film ‘who Am I’, He proved that he was still in the zone once again.

There were many action scenes in this movie was impressive, especially the fight scene on the roof, This was an unassisted free fall down a skyscraper. At that time, there were any number of safety harnesses or camera tricks that could have been used to create the effect of a man sliding off a building, but Jackie Chan did, this was an absolutely stunning stunt.

5. ‘Armour of God’: Jumping from a wall to a tree branch below

As we know Jackie Chan suffered the worst injury of his career while filming a scene from the Hong Kong comedy Armour of God in 1986. As he jumped from a wall to a tree branch below, Chan missed the branch and fell head-first onto the ground, causing his skull to crack. The actor was rushed into emergency brain surgery following the stunt.



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