Jet Li, the veritable collector of Buddha Beads in the entertainment circle

Jet Li, as we know, is a household film star all over the world, he is not only a Chinese film actor, but also a film producer, martial artist, and wushu champion, he has starred in many critically acclaimed Kung Fu films over the years.


Li is also a practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism. In 2013, Li told the reporter that he had suffered from hyperthyroidism and HE had been dealing with this problem for the past three years, Li must take medication to control his heart rate, in his life, he mainly rely on the traditional Chinese medicine and meditation to alleviate the condition.


In his free time, Li has many hobbies such as playing badminton and table tennis, reading and meditating, he is also a devout Buddhist, so he believes that the all difficulties can be overcome with the help of religious philosophies, he likes to collect rare Tibetan beads, but he said it is totally a personal preference, not for the increment of wealth, he thinks Life is a process, and no one can take something away, but you can leave something behind.

On various occasions, Li always wears a wide variety of beads on his wrist, wood, jade, so much variety. Others may wear Buddha Beads only for decoration, but for Jet Li, it is a kind of belief. Actually, Jet Li is a veritable collector of Buddha Beads in the entertainment circle, any of Buddha Beads Li collected is worthy of millions or more.


This is rare Dominican blue amber, some people may think it is lapis lazuli, but it is actually the blue amber and is the most valuable one in amber, maybe it looks like the lapis lazuli, but the price is totally in different level.

This is the most precious Old Amber Beads, every bead has experienced thousands of years, so it must be worth a fortune.

The rare Kapala beads, this is the supreme in Wraithbone, fitted with the Six Eyed DZI beads, that is the real priceless treasures.


The supreme tiger tooth dzi beads, it is thought to be held sacred by Tibetan, the common market price of the tiger tooth dzi beads is over millions, but Jet Li’s is more than 20 million. 

The Original wax stone and Jadeite pendant, seen from the size of this Original wax stone, we can guess it must be expensive, and the price of the Jadeite pendant is also over 30 million.

It seem to me, Jet Li is undoubtedly the best martial arts actor of our time, he has a real aura of dignity and righteousness, he once said that he thought the greatest weapon of life is a smile and the largest power is love, we need bless him with our heart because he is really a good man.



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