On All These Three Points, Jackie Chan is Never Better Than Jet Li

As we all know, Jackie Chan and Jet Li, the two famous Chinese Kung Fu stars, thrusting the Chinese martial arts to the international stage, let the Chinese kung Fu glows and blinks. But now, Jet Li has withdrew from the cinema for many years while Jackie is still active on the big screen.


Because of the health condition, Jet Li have to leave his stage and his favorite fans, He was unable to contribute new breakthrough, the 52-year-old actor has spoken about his illness, which he has been battling for the past five years. “I am fat. I don’t have time to lose weight. It’s true that due to my hyperthyroidism illness, my heart rate can go up to 130 to 140 beats per minute even when I’m not exercising.”


Jet Li once addressed his hyperthyroidism at his charity event, saying “I’m no superhero, I’m just an ordinary man”


But when Jet Li facing his illness, he also said, “I'm in pain, but not bitter, I am happy”. Actually, his strong will doubled his efforts, Jet Li was not Huo Yuan Jia or Wong Fei Hong, but he was a real hero in all his fans’ heart. And in fact, On the following three points, Jackie Chan is never better than Jet Li.


First, although Jet Li and his current wife Nina is his second marriage, Jet Li has never had any gossip after marriage, but Jackie Chan was not, he always has some intimate moves with other beautiful actress and also had a illegitimate daughter.


Second, Jet Li’s Kung Fu is better than Jackie Chan. It is reported that Jet Li has learned the real Chinese martial arts, but Jackie only learned the traditional drama and his acting style is very funny. he took up martial arts but largely in the performance aspect, so in other words, that is, Jet Li is the real Kung fu strength.


Third, Jet Li could get the higher payment than Jackie Chan and Jet Li have only one price. Jet Li’s remuneration was directly pricing by Hollywood, but Jackie Chan was different, he was paid based on his human relations.



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