The 53-year-old Jet Li’s Unsolved Mysteries: Divorcing and Immigrating, Why?

As a Chinese, we are all very familiar with the “Kung Fu emperor” who had learned the China martial arts since childhood, he performed onstage at only five years old and take part in various martial arts competitions at teenage, and Jet Li was even received by Premier Zhou, so, you may know how awesome his kung fu and notability are at that time, also because of his strong dedication, Jet Li broke into the cinema circle in 1982.


The film ‘The Shaolin Temple’ is a 1982 Hong Kong-Chinese martial arts film starring Jet Li in his debut role, the film is based on the Shaolin Monastery in China and depicts Shaolin Kung Fu. Jet Li’s perfect superb martial arts and acting in the play won the overwhelming majority of the masses, the movie's popularity swiftly encouraged filmmakers in China and Hong Kong to produce more Shaolin-based movies.


However, with the rise of his acting career, Jet Li’s life appeared turning point, previously, he obtained audience's heart by his classic works, then now, he became famous by the scandal of his love life.


Why does he divorce, what does he immigrate to Singapore and Why does he get serious sick?


Mystery One: divorcing with Huang Qiuyan

Jet Li and his former wife Huang Qiuyan are co-disciples of the same master, Huang Qiuyan was a few years older than Jet Li, so she was always took care of Jet Li, over time, Jet Li thought this is love, so he married with Huang Qiuyan, however, a few years later, he found that it was not love's affection, it was just gratitude. So, finally, Jet Li decided to divorce, but in order to make up for his debt to Huang qiuyan, he gave all his deposit and the house property in America and also continue to help Huang Qiuyan’s family.


Mystery Two: immigrating to Singapore

We all know that Jet Li has immigrated to Singapore, but not everyone knowing why he did this. Actually, it because that his manager was shot in the early years and his family was also threatened, it makes him uneasy daily, even became very difficult to focus during shooting the film,, so, in order to give the family a "safe" guarantee and can focus on his own work, Jet Li had to chose immigrating.


Mystery Three: was Jet Li’s illness very serious?

As the loyal fans of Jet Li, we all know that Jet Li had suffered the hyperthyroidism, but Jet Li once said that he no need for a wheelchair, contrary to some media's speculation that his hyperthyroidism is worsening and that he may be wheelchair-bound due to injuries sustained over the years of filming action movies, Jet Li had expressed that there is nothing to worry about his health says, he has recovered from hyperthyroidism, a condition he was diagnosed with six years ago.




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