The Health Condition of Jet Li is Worrying, Wants to Re-entry of Chinese Nationality

In the early 1980s, there was a Kung Fu movie has changed a lot of young people’s dream, I suppose we all knew, the film was Kung Fu emperor Jet Li’s ‘Shaolin Temple’ which also made this Kung Fu star a sudden rise in life, after that, Jet Li also played many classic roles such as Wong Fei-hung, Chenzhen……


Actually, from fame to become a world-class Kung Fu star, Jet Li has been through a long and bumpy way that ordinary people have never gone before. However, he renounced Chinese nationality after fame, has joined the United States and Singaporean nationality which make people quite disappointed.


But Jet Li has explained later, he said that joining the United States nationality is to hope to develop smoothly in Hollywood, for the Chinese film industry; joining the Singapore nationality is to establish the ‘One Foundation’, if he need to establish the One Foundation in Singapore, he must be a Singapore citizen.


In fact, as a Kung Fu star Jet Li had been hoping to build on Chinese kung fu and scale it up globally, he also used a variety of ways to publicize Chinese kung fu.


Now Jet Li is seriously ill, maybe only in a wheelchair in the future, he once said that he is close to death. Recently, it is reported that Jet Li frequently attend the activities in China, he expressed that he want to rejoin the Chinese nationality.


Actually, it was also understandable for Jet Li to rejoin a Chinese nationality, after all, he also made many contributions to China.



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