The legendary life of Jet Li: from a martial arts champion to an international Kung Fu star

Jet Li is a martial art master and international action movie star after Bruce Lee, the roles he played on the silver screen are mostly the heroes or the positive figures role, he has become a hero in the heart of his fans, after breaking into Hollywood, Li also conquered the audience in the United States by virtue of his own strength.


Meet the president Nixon when Jet Li was 11 years old.


Jet Li had talents on martial arts when he was young, so he was arranged to learn Chinese traditional Kung Fu in a sports school, At the age of 11, Jet Li had become a new star on martial arts, in 1974, the Wushu Team that Jet Li in was arranged to give the wonderful Kung Fu performances in America, At the lawn of White House, Jet Le showed his Kung fu to the president Nixon, after the performance, the president asked Jet Li to be his bodyguard, but Jet Li refused Nixon's request, he said he wanted to protect all Chinese people, Since then, Li started to win more attention in China.


In the National Wushu competition from 1974 to 1978, Li won five championships. A lot of people asked him, "When did you start making a movie?" It was almost a very natural thing because many Wushu athletes did the actor or Martial Arts Director.


The success of the film ‘The ShaoLin Temple’.


In 1982, 15 million people went into the cinema watching the film ‘The Shaolin Temple’ which starring by Jet Li. The film caused a huge stir after releasing, the movie stunt was wonderful in the film, because of the success of the film, Li also filmed two sequels of ‘The Shaolin Temple’ later.

The fighting years in Hong Kong.


In the late 1980, Jet Li had become a famous Asian action star, he tried to get into Hollywood but failed. In 1989, he returned to Asia, and this time he chose the booming Hong Kong film industry and signed contracts with Golden Harvest.


The film company arranged Jet Li starring the film ‘Once Upon a Time in China’, playing the great hero Wong Fei-hung. In 1994, Jet Li starring the movie ‘Fist of legend’, the film was actually a remake of Bruce Lee's classic kung fu movies ‘Fist of Fury’, many critics regarded the film ‘Fist of legend’ as the best kung fu movie at that time.


Going to Hollywood.


Actually, many fans of American martial arts film hoped Jet Li could develop in Hollywood, and Jet Li finally come to an opportunity, he was invited to play a important role in the film ‘Lethal Weapon 4’, In the film, Jet Li changed his former hero image on the screen, playing a villain. By the year 2002, Li successfully entered the North American film market by the film ‘Romeo Must Die’, ‘Lethal Weapon 4’, ‘The One’ and so on. Subsequently, Jet Li returned to China, starring the film ‘Hero’ which was directed by Zhang Yimou.


The epiphany after experiencing tsunami.


For Jet Li, the pursuit of peace of mind and the martial arts could not be peacefully coexisted, so he was tired of making action movies and even considered leaving the film industry. Then, a peace-loving Philosopher persuaded Jet Li that he could spread his faith to the whole world by his Martial arts career.


After experiencing the tsunami in 2004, Jet Li's beliefs became more intense, he helped the people with different races or different backgrounds, He suddenly realized that the international actions star do not seem so important to him. In 2006, Jet Li found the “One Foundation”, the organization had not only solved disaster relief problems, but also helping those children and young people with psychiatric problems, now, Jet Li had gained peace of mind through charity to help others.



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