The Reason of Jet Li to Change His Nationality, It Sounds Implausibly Sad

To Jet Li, people must have a certain understanding of this super Kung Fu star, he was well known for his Kung Fu movies such as ‘Once Upon a Time in China’ series, ‘Shaolin Temple’, ‘A Man Called Hero’ and so on, and even he was named as the “Kung Fu Emperor” by the media, but in Jet Li’s later years, now he was facing a situation of paralysis, but some people still have no pity on him, instead of condemning him, why?


The main reason is because he joined Singapore's nationality, so he is faced with various questions now.


But actually, It is understood that the Singapore government had a rule : " the set of the ‘One Foundation’ in Singapore must have to join their nationality! " so, Jet Li had no choice, For the ‘One Foundation’, for ‘Public Welfare in China’, Jet Li must join the Singapore Nationality.

In 2004, Jet Li suffered Indian Ocean tsunami and being a survivor of a disaster, he and his wife were there at that time, but his wife has disappeared, he said, many people in the tsunami rushed downstairs to find someone, he saw there was no racial discrimination when people in the face of difficulties, helping each other, It struck a chord and upon their return to China, Jet Li began his public welfare undertakings.


Jet Li has been over fifty years old, weary-looking, sober attire, making people can’t help sympathizing with him.


From his body, you could see his ardently love to the martial arts, film career and the public welfare undertakings.



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